The HMS Yankee Doodle…

I thought to start my own blog on what it’s like to live in America. It was called ‘The HMS Yankee Doodle’. This is how it started…

I don’t know how far the HMS Yankee Doodle will sail on the great seas of the web. It may go on to discover new worlds like The Santa María, or sink in tragedy like the Titanic herself. Personally I hope it follows more the path of the Mayflower, it had its shaky start but in the end it made its voyage of hope and destiny.

As you may already know I myself have made the trip across the pond and am trying to plot a life in this strange new world called America. I am starting this blog almost exactly a year into this experience and hope to use it as a way of linking past present and future in a way that isn’t always easy to do.

So how did I end up here? Simply put it was the classic; Meet girl, fall in love with girl, move country to be with girl. It’s the typical Hollywood story so if there are any Directors out there wanting the rights then please get in touch!

If you have read this far then I thank you and if interested please feel free to continue to explore the typed ramblings, musings and general mental downloading that I am sure is to follow.


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  1. Go ahead, rant & ramble. We can handle it.

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