Super Bowl Sunday, and a 4-day weekend

In case you aren’t in the area, or haven’t heard, the DC metro area got more than 2 feet of snow this weekend! I swear, we haven’t had this much snow since 1994 when we got a WHOLE WEEK off from school. yes, that’s right, an entire week. That was a great year to be in the third grade 🙂 The panic started early Thursday when the senior staff at our office started voting to decide to close the office Friday before we left for the day. The snow didn’t start falling until Friday morning and didn’t stick to the roads until after 4pm…regardless, my boss let me work from home and the office ended up closing at 1130am. The whole area was FREAKED. Saturday we got the bulk of the snow and then today was clear, but things just haven’t been cleared out. The federal government announced it will close tomorrow during the Super Bowl, great thinking guys! What better way to reach the widest audience possible? It came across the screen as we were in the kitchen getting dinner ready and it was almost TOO slow. The scroll across the top of the screen was barely fast enough to keep us from wetting our pants with excitement. Anyway, we have a 4-day weekend.

Jono is enjoying the Super Bowl at the moment. It’s been a great weekend for sport for him. BBC America actually showed a game from the Six Nations, luckily it was an England game. He was very upset last year that he wasn’t able to watch this rugby tournament, so this was a big deal! It’s ok, I made him watch Little Women last night, so I would say we’re even 😛 (he might have enjoyed it a little)…and yes, Beth dies. Sorry Joey. That reference may or may not have gotten Jono to agree to watching it…knowing that Joey read the book. Dear me.

Super Bowl Sunday with a Gin and Tonic, of course.

Super Bowl Sunday with a Gin and Tonic, of course.

I am also excited to report that my last blog entry on Blogger Black Book on my PR blog got tweeted about!! I know! Other PR professionals actually tweeted about what I had to say! Now all I have to do is keep that momentum going…I’m a little intimidated, I can’t lie. People will read it, which is obviously the goal, but yikes!

Madison likes to attack me for milk…


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