‘You can have my lobster when you pluck it form my cold dead hands’

As a very non American individual I do not pretend to understand the nuances of the American psyche and I would never in anyway make any argument against individualism and a persons right to choose what is in their own best interest.  I do however have a very difficult time to understand some of the collective decisions that those individuals enact into law.  Today’s example came after reading the following headline ‘VA Senate votes to allow guns in restaurants’.

My issue here is not with regards to the 2nd Amendment at large but with this particular extension of it.  As someone who can not vote nor holds citizenship my opinion in this area is totally irrelevant, I would however like to ask those of you that can vote to consider the following questions and before deciding your own position with regards to this law.

The official (Sen. Emmett Hanger. (R)) argued that the law was passed for personal protection of individuals, and that a gun may be needed to get from a restaurant (Red Lobster) to the car.  There are a couple of issues that I would like to Sen. to clarify for me:

1) Just how dangerous are restaurant car parks?

2) How can an official who is also in charge of the police be happy to publicize that his police force can’t protect his electorates?

3) Is there anywhere else that a person can’t walk 30 yards without being in danger?

4) What does he feel is the optimum trade off between size of gun and stopping power?  Does he have a State recommend caliber for taking your family safely to dinner?

To give the Official his due he did make the following provision to this general law.  Those who are carrying a concealed weapon should not be allowed to drink. On the surface this appears a good idea but it did in my mind raise the following issues

1) Is he really expecting every person in his state who enters a restaurant to be asked by a member of staff if they have a concealed weapon?

2) Will this then be followed by a pat down in case they are lying because maybe if you are the type of person who carries a gun you may also be the sort of person that doesn’t want people to know about it?

3) If a gun is actually found it still considered as concealed?

4) Is he really expecting underpaid waitresses to enforce this law against an armed militia, or is he also going to give waitress new legal powers.  Perhaps it could even be suggest that they themselves should also be armed?… on the flip side this should increase their tips!

5) Why is he enacting a law that infers that you are too drunk not shoot someone, but still sober enough to drive home?

Possible extension of this new law:

In America you sadly hear of crazed individuals that take upon themselves to shoot their fellow citizens.  All to often the victims are victims for the simple reason that they are in the wrong place at the wrong time and have no way to defend themselves.  Based on no research but just a general impression schools are all to common a ground for this type of tragic event.  Just last week (12th Feb 2010) a Professor killed 3 colleagues because she wasn’t given the promotion she believed she had earned, add to this the likes of Virginia Tech and Columbine it is clear that we must work to ensure that every child and teacher in America is armed at all times.  Only by carry a gun can a child feel truly safe in his own class room.  After all if little Billy Bob Junior can’t make it from his restaurant of choice back to his Mums car without an armed guard then we must also make sure that he can be kept safe while learning about humanity of the world he has been born in to.

N.B The previous paragraph was written with extreme sarcasm and is in no way a reflection of the authors actual views.  To see these views please see future post on ‘ You can have your gun back when you learn not to shoot innocent people, until then defend yourself with a stick!’


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  1. Should I, as an American, be offended that you named your student “Billy Bob Junior”? Is that your impression of us?? HA! Great post though, Jono

  2. Hi Molly, you should never to offended about being American… well, not until little Billy Bob Junior Junior is born 🙂

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