is my homeboy

I can't believe it takes all of this paper work!

Finally, finished!

We were so excited to have completed the first part of applying for visas that we HAD to take pictures of all of our hard work!

We’ve applied for a K-1 Fiance (why does spell check NEVER recognize this word? It always wants to change it to finance. Is that a hint?) visa for Jonathan and let me tell you, this was not an easy process! There are a million forms, required documents and all involved trips to safe deposit boxes, every legal document there is about me, banks and more. But here we are proudly last night with all of our i’s dotted and t’s crossed. The packet ended up being close to 80 pages! 80 pages of proving our love to the government.

One of the requirements was to give copies of dated photos of us together to show that we have met within the last two years. This was a head scratcher — who prints photos any more?! Also, when I do print them, they don’t have a date on them. Costco doesn’t put the date on the back like in the old days and no digital cameras have the date on each photo in the obnoxious orange analog format (that was never right in the first place). The only way I found to have dated photos was to print them from Facebook! You laugh, but when you look at a photo on FB, it has the ‘date added’ below each photo. This is undeniable! I have no way of changing or affecting that, so it is concrete! Plus we are each tagged in the photos, again, undeniable! I’m not sure how I feel about a world where FB is undeniable proof. More than an actual printed photo…

This is feeling good, we’re finally getting somewhere! I am going to the post office to mail this today and couldn’t be more excited. We are anxious to get a response in a few weeks. Updates coming soon 🙂


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  1. Congrats!! So does this make you officially engaged? Or does the ring do that? CALL ME WHEN YOU GET YOUR RING! And when he gets his citizenship.

    • none of those are official yet 🙂 I think the ring etc should be in the next few weeks, so thats good.

      This immigration packet should give us a response in 2-4 weeks, but that will only allow him then to schedule his interview in London, so citizenship is a LONG way off (years). permanent residency can’t happen until after we’re married, but all is headed in the right direction 🙂

      I will call you when anything major happens, dont worry!

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