Wedding Overwhelm!

Oh. My. God. Anyone want to plan a wedding? I thought I would start by searching online for an already made ‘to do’ list for planning a wedding. They’re every where,,, you name it. Great! They’re all free and come with letting me make a wedding web site for my guests, search for local vendors with reviews, organize my ideas and what I like, etc. so if you tell each site that you’re getting married in October, they make a check list for you from march to October — WITH AT LEAST 60 THINGS EACH MONTH! Holy wedding batman. That’s nuts. I’m freaking out.

These are the things we can think to take care of:

wedding dress
bridesmaid dresses
groomsmen tuxes or ties
wedding rings
table centerpieces
rehearsal party

How does that mean that I need to get 30 things done in March?? ugh. Add immigration forms and interviews to that and that’s quite enough for me. What happened to simple wedding for under 100?

I was thinking about brown and blue as colors, but now since it’s a fall wedding maybe brown, red, and orange would be better colors for flowers, dresses, accent colors, etc.

If you have any tips, I would appreciate them!


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  1. why don’t you just go down to city hall and pay the 30 bucks or whatever and be done with it. I mean you’ve already got the diamond!! πŸ™‚

  2. because I want a wedding, just not a production. Its not about getting diamonds…

  3. Hey Laura! You know me: I’m the artsy-craftsy one! I love helping out with wedding arts and crafts. I’ve helped my cousins who’ve gotten married with guest favors, wedding programs, and probably something else I can’t think of. I would be more than happy to help with table centerpieces and/or invitations if you’d like. For the invitations, I could either go the handmade route or go digital with Adobe Photoshop. I’d just need the supplies, no charge for my help! I have this great craft book that has lots of ideas for centerpieces. I have an art degree after all, so I might as well use it! Let me know!

    Also, what kind of wedding are you having? Are you planning a Catholic wedding? I don’t know whether you still go to Holy Trinity in Georgetown. Have you seen the chapel since they renovated it? It’s really beautifully done and much more intimate than the main sanctuary. I don’t know how long the wait is to reserve the space, though. They also have outdoor Catholic weddings at the Franciscan monastery near Catholic University in D.C. They have really beautiful gardens where you can have your wedding. If you’re not looking for a church wedding, the local parks have some great wedding venues, both indoors and out. I’d recommend NVRPA parks (particularly Meadowlark Botanical Gardens which has the most gorgeous atrium), Audubon Naturalist Society (both Woodend and Rust sanctuaries have lovely old houses and gardens), and I think Fairfax County Parks might have some venues available, too. I’d definitely check out their availability soon, because I know at least the Meadowlark atrium is really popular. Hope this helps a bit!

  4. thanks clare!! My parents still go to holy trinity (good memory!) but I think to have a catholic wedding you need to be a member of the church (which we aren’t) so we’re looking to do an outdoor ceremony along the potomac on the virginia side, hopefully old town/mt vernon area. I really appreciate the offer to help, I will keep you posted!! yes venue is top on my list, i hope to knock that out next weekend.

  5. I know, I know – I just like giving you a hard time πŸ˜€ We need to get back to our Wednesday Coffee!!!! You can even come over to my place and I’ll make you a mean latte.

    PS. Why am I not on your blog roll!!!

  6. So weddings are so hard. I think you should go the all inclusive route. Where Jeremy and I got married they did EVERYTHING. It included:

    All I had to do was choose the food to be served, the color of the napkins, we upgraded our flowers some, and sent a song list to the DJ.

    We had our reception at Ft. McNair and it was pretty reasobale. Its on the Potomac so that could work for you. If you want to stay VA side you should look at Ft. Belvoir. I also had slight bride remorse when I saw you can actually rent Mt. Vernon and it is not that bad.

    Cheap options are “parks” in counties. A lof them include historic plantations. But then you have to bring in all the chairs, tables, etc. Too much work for us.

    Let me know if you want to pick my brain. I have lots of insight. πŸ™‚

    • great ideas!! I’ve been looking at the parks, but it seems like a logistical nightmare. we would have to provide the chairs, etc. then go somewhere else for the reception.

      mt vernon isnt that great, don’t feel too bad. you have to stay in area by the Inn and have NO river view. that was my original ideal too. Thanks! I’ll def have questions!

  7. hey Laura,
    This is what I was doing down in charleston πŸ™‚
    The trick is to take it one thing at a time, I know that can be difficult, because it’s all interconnected.
    Some basic research is benficial, but as you found out, it can get rather overwhelming.

    Before jumping into the planning stage, its easiest to figure out some key things first. Date (or a set of definiate dates) and Budget.

    From there decide if you want a wedding planner.
    Note that some venue’s provide services or have planners on staff, which is usually built into the rent fee.

    Wedding planners can help, but they can also be a bit pricy.

    If you dont want one, and AFTER date and budget, decide on how many people you want attending, and THEN comes the venue. As you’re looking up places you can start looking at rental fees, catering, cakes, equiptment, but it’s all dependant on a.How much you want to spend, many people, and c. the size of the place…
    oof, morning meeting, more later if i have irritated you yet..

  8. ps.
    i know you’ve already started doing most of these or all of them, just some thoughts on how to manage the process. As for 60 things to do, yes and more in total, but (60) each month often includes followups of the original (60) though that number is going to change for each person. And some of those will fall in the same catagory, just subsets…
    Its a generic list, dont let it get to you πŸ™‚
    (easy for me to say right?)
    Take a breath, and look at one thing at a time, it usually leads you to the next.

    I’d be happy to help with anything I can.

  9. Hey girlie!
    Oh the fun of planning a wedding. It actually can be fun, just start with the big stuff first and work your way to the smaller stuff. Enjoy it and don’t stress about the details, it will all come together and you have plenty of time. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

    PS – Don’t forget your registry! πŸ™‚

  10. I whole heartedly recommend the registry. Your dad and I did not do it and we got some pretty silly things. It will make life easier for those you invite.
    Don’t stress, we will maintain a sense of humor.

  11. “I think with our wedding – wait, sorry, I mean YOUR wedding…” HA! Oh I just crack myself up. Love the idea of doing fall colors, btw! And orange = a GREAT color (Go VOLS!)

  12. I wish I was there too to help and dress shop! I love stuff like that. You’ll have to keep me in the loop and email the dresses you’re looking at. Be on the lookout for trunk shows. You can find some amazing dresses for way less then what they’d normally go for. Too much fun!

  13. Hey laura, i haven’t talked to you in a really long time, but noticed you were getting married! Congrats! When I did my registry I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, they have pretty good Bridal Consultants there and are pretty good at giving advice. You obviously don’t have to register for everything they suggest, but it doesn’t hurt to get at least a base line. If you go I would go to Tyson’s or Fairfax Towne Center (they have the best store and they have Fine China area). Anyways, good luck with everything and I wish you and your hubby the best!

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