It is time for Coffee…

It has occurred to me in this long time between blogs that I can rally against single issues and topics of contention for as long as I want but only get so much satisfaction from it.  Having considered topic after topic for my next blog I invariably keep reaching the same conclusion.  It doesn’t matter what my position or opinion is, nothing will change unless you first look to change the process and the nature of debate its self.  With this in mind I have for the first time in my life joined a political movement.  It is time to got involved, to see if I can find a way to allow the political system to actually work for the people it is meant to represent.  No longer can I in good conscience argue from the outside. It is time to be part of something and in the COFFEE PARTY it is my hope to find like minded individuals whom are open to new ideas and not to simply follow the status quo.

I will be the first to admit that my knowledge base of the organization is limited largely to the primary source material on their website.  I have however looked at some of the blog postings on the site and have seen many topics and points of interest being raised.  There is chance that real debate is occurring.  To the best of my knowledge the COFFEE PARTY movement  is  not a single issue group and look to encourage the development on a range of ideas.  It is enlightening to see a political entity that is encouraging ideas from both the left and the right.  I see the COFFEE PARTY as a chance to give voice to the independent majority who struggle against the duopoly at the heart of Washington.

It is my overarching belief that true reform will come not from the hard left or hard right, and perhaps not from the left or right at all but from those in the middle.  Every election tries to court these voters, for they are the ones that decide the result and yet they are not represented as an entity in themselves.  I will be the first to admit that independents of the middle are the hardest group to bring together.  It is difficult to unite a group with no single ideology.   This is why I support the COFFEE PARTY’S position of openness and inclusion.  If nothing else a group may be able to come together under the concept that  ‘the system can always be better’.  I do not have to agree with your opinion, but I agree that you should be heard in a better more constructive way.  We should be aiming for a representative democratic system that works.  One that allows every issue to be aired, debated and concluded.  The government will be of the people by the people for the people.

N.B for anything not related to politics tea is still way way better than coffee and that will never change.


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