Venue and Date!!!

So we’ve booked the place and the date for the wedding! After visiting about 5 or 6 places, we chose the Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Virginia on October 11, 2010. We chose it because we will be able to have the ceremony and the reception in both places and they have in-house catering. The guy who will be running the wedding is amazing. He’s passionate, got rave reviews and knows his shit! So in one fell swoop we took care of centerpieces, date, food, decoration and place! Knowing that this guy will be DOING everything makes me feel MUCH less stressed which is the biggest plus. He also owns  a lot of decor like candles and hurricanes for them so they are free!

Now we’re going to spend our weekend looking at apartments. If you haven’t heard yet, we got into a large misunderstanding with our landlord and she asked us to move out. We were going to stay until June 30, but now have to be out by May 1. LONG story short, there was a miscommunication about when a repairman was going to come over and when I told the land lord that in the future I would like to keep to the 24hr warning before coming over system that she agreed to (and she thought we knew about the appointment) — she got too offended and couldn’t recover from her anger. It then raged into her deciding that she thinks we’re untrustworthy (don’t ask me why) and thinks that since we don’t want repairmen having a key to our house and coming any time they want, that will make it difficult to sell. Whatever.  We’re excited to move closer to the city, closer to people, and closer to things to do!


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  1. Our apartment is nice and cheap! Check it out

    There are awesome specials right now so we got a HUGE apt for cheap. Plus if you are thinking about a pet, its pet friendly 🙂

  2. thanks! We looked there, you’re right — amazing floor plans! We signed a lease at The Park at Arlington Ridge for it’s community feel, we’re really excited!

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