And then there was one – just kidding.

So here I am…with the rest of the wedding to plan myself! no, just kidding. Jono has gone back to the motherland to sort out his visa and return here the ‘right way’ and as you may know, this is a LONG process.

Since we last posted we got some good news which you’ve probably already heard. Remember that REALLY large packet we sent to the US customs and immigration services back in February? 80 pure pages of proving our love and commitment to each other. E-mails, plane tickets, passports stamped, pictures, you name it, we sent it. On June 3 we got a letter from USCIS saying we were approved!! So step 1, down. The next step is for USCIS to send our ‘file’ to the National Visa Center. From there it gets sent to the US embassy in London who opens a case for us there. Once they know about us, they send Jono a packet of forms to fill out and he has to get a physical. Once he has that packet completed, he can schedule his interview at the embassy. If he gets approved at the interview, they give him the visa on the spot! Then all he has to do is make sure he comes back into the US less than 90 days before the wedding and we’re set. The steps after that have to take place once we’re married. Doesn’t it seem like the wedding and actually getting married is the easy part? crazy!

At the moment he is waiting for the packet from the embassy. They have received our case and should be sending a packet soon. It has been an interesting exploration of the legal system here, I can tell you that. One of the things Jono needs for the interview is his police record for every place he has lived in the past 5 years (or notarized proof that no record exists). At first we thought only one for where he is registered as living – meaning the UK – but then we thought about it and decided he should get them for VA as well, since he’s been here for more than 1 year. I’m not sure where these dates etc. are coming from, but here they are. For counties in Virginia (I don’t know if this is true in every state) you need to go in person to get a copy of your own criminal record. So he went to Fairfax and Arlington county for each record. The forms, FINGERPRINTS, and more he had to supply, I swear. It’s an ordeal. We especially loved the woman at the Arlington county court house who when she saw his passport claimed he could have forged the homeland security stamp from the last time he went through customs. I mean really? She wouldn’t look up his record because she didn’t believe him. WHen you come through customs, they stamp your passport and sometimes make notes in hand written pen. I admit, clearly anyone can make those notes, but thats how DHS does it. She claimed he stamped it and wrote in his departure date himself. Then she was looking at his visa (which is expired) and told him that was his passport, so since his passport was expired she couldn’t help him. CRAZY. I swear, it takes one person on a  power trip to really make you doubt yourself.  After talking to supervisors etc., it was resolved. So Jono is on every list and every record in the world. He really must love me to go through all of this.

As far as wedding planning goes we’re almost done if you can believe it. We have my dress, the photographer, catering, venue, officiant, music and bridesmaids dresses. we just need flowers, Jono’s tux, cake and invites.  It’s pretty exciting 🙂

If you can believe it, I pre-ordered the new iPhone and got it TODAY! Only to find that my computer does not have a current enough software version to connect the new phone. Bastards. I have spent the last 2 hours at the Apple sotre in clarendon with the MOST helpful genius bar person in the world. He has hooked me up. I am apple CRAZED. But that’s not news.

Check out the post I wrote in response to this photo:

I love October. It’s a “Remember the Titans” kind of day. This old car and the crisp air make me feel like I’m back there, in the ’60s just waiting for a riot to break out. To stand up for my self. To make a difference, make history. You know that part of Virginia still feels that way in October? It feels like old books, warm coffee and anticipation all stuffed in my backpack. My chucks can’t stay put and make me want to jump, dance, run – DO something. BE something. When people we’re standing in line for hours for the newest phone or sitting at their computers ALONE to meet people. I’m too young to know any other kind of world, but I dream. For simplicity.

It was an idea/contest on this site: Red Head Writing.


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  1. Thanks for submitting your story – and YOUR journey to love is a much better story than anything I’d write 🙂 Thanks for living, sharing and reading…

    Erika Napoletano
    Head Redhead

  2. Love that pic of you, L! Jono – you look good too, but not as good as Laura’s boobs…sorry.

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