The days go by so slowly

The wedding is 84 days away. WOW. That seems really soon.

Jono is still in the UK STILL waiting to hear from the US embassy about when he will have his interview. He had the physical which went well and he has been waiting to get a letter from the embassy for the past week to tell him when the interview is scheduled for. This is the last and final step before he can come home. We’re getting more than restless waiting and waiting. When he called to ask what they thought the wait time would be, he was told 5-6 weeks. really? I don’t know how I will survive that long. Waiting is bad enough, but not to even have an end-date in sight is worse.  Once the interview is over, at least he’ll get the visa at the interview and will be able to come home as soon as he can book a flight. This last stretch is really killer. He can’t really work at home because the internet is pretty slow, staying in London is super expensive and all of this combined with the waiting is really stressing him out. ugh.

At least most of the wedding stuff is done. Invitations are designed and being printed, we met with the florist and just have to choose a cake now! Everything is pretty much decided, we just have to get everything into place and execute it all. I’m getting really excited. Mostly I just want to be married to Jono.  Of course I’m excited about the wedding, but being married to Jono is what counts. What I want. 84 more days and I will be Mrs. Jonathan Olley. Laura Olley. Yes.


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