Interview date set!

US Embassy in London - where the big decisions are made...

So that’s the good news — Jono called the embassy today and they told him his interview is set! YAY!! Only, it’s not until SEPTEMBER 3. That’s 5 more weeks…I can’t tell you how disappointing and heartbreaking that is. We don’t know whether to be happy that we know the date, or be so sad that it’s still so far away. Thankfully this is the end of the process until the wedding. Once the interview is over, he should get the visa on the spot and be able to travel the next day. If he had his way, he would go from the embassy to the airport. I think that’s cutting it a little close, but we’ll see. He’s a big boy who can make what ever choice he wants. And trust me, he will 🙂 Once of the reasons I love him.

In other wedding news, the invitations are almost done! My cousin Megan offered to design them and I am so excited about that. She has a graphic design background and we worked

wedding favors!

together to make something beautiful. I am so thankful for her help and that she was so excited to be a part of this. If you know me, you know that stationary is one of my favorite things. Jono jokes that I would care about the invites the most, even more than the dress (and it’s a little true. I love my dress, so it might be equal!). I should be getting the proof soon and I couldn’t be more excited to send them out. Megan did an amazing job.

You may have already seen this picture but I still think it’s a little funny. Look at all of those freakin tic-tacs! each group of 4, is a box of 12! That’s more than 100 boxes of tic-tacs. I’ve decided to do mints as the wedding favors with labels that say ‘MINT to be’ – HA. I think it’s pretty funny. Better than the ‘Perfect match’ matchbooks. And who doesn’t like tic-tacs?! I mean really. At least it’s not something silly you’re going to feel a little guilty about trashing when you get home.

My 1st Webinar!

In non-wedding news, I hosted my first Webinar today!! I can’t believe it, I’m so excited. I presented a 45-min presentation with then 15-min Q&A about Public Relations Pitfalls. I created the whole presentation from scratch, wrote my script and promoted it like crazy. I got 150 people to register to attend (for our company 100 is a respectable amount) and 75 showed up to the live recording (this is typical that not everyone attends). It went really well.I have another


one set for Aug. 25 about how to get more business from my company’s Web site, teaching our members how to use the tools their membership offers that most of them don’t take advantage of.

I’m also on YouTube for my company. I do a monthly video update. It’s so great, a challenge and is being received really well. I’m the first at the company to do this, so that’s BIG. Check me out: Youtube.


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