Are we there yet?

I’m starting to loose my mind  little. I know we’re getting down to the end, but this is definitely the hardest part. With less than 20 days until Jonathan comes home, I’m really getting tired of doing all of this on my own. I know I’ve done well, held my ground, done some great planning and been fine. It’s not about being fine. I know I can live without Jonathan, I just don’t want to. I don’t need him, I want him to share my life with. Ugh. Is the waiting over? Are we there yet? Not only are we a week and a half away from the interview, then another week until he comes home, but I am 2 1/2 weeks away from my big meeting for work. From 9/10-14 I will be in Orlando for the annual trade show my company hosts. I’m swamped at work getting ready for the show, I am hosting a webinar tomorrow, but its getting hard to not be distracted by the fact that I’m so excited for the wedding and for him to come home. ugh.

On a much happier note, Mom threw me a great bridal shower last weekend. Almost all of her sister came! I can’t believe it, they came from New York, New Jersey and Cape Cod. Both of my grandmothers came, dida’s wife flew in for the day and even SARAH flew in just for the day. I felt so loved. We had a great time. This picture is some of the family that was at the event – just my mom’s side of the family. Check out more pictures here.

They had great games and it was so fun to see everyone. This was the first celebratory wedding thing that I didn’t have to plan, budget or argue with anyone about – my fav! It has made me really excited, REALLY excited for the wedding.

Jono is going to the beach with his friends next weekend and he deserves it 🙂 I’m glad he’ll get a bit of a break form just waiting. Since he can’t work and has been there since June, it will be great for him to relax with his friend before he comes back here to finalize all of the wedding events. I expect drunk texting from the beach 🙂


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