T-12 days…


As you can imagine, there’s quite a large check-list going on right now. let’s see, where to begin: 

To Do...


  1. Cut out place cards
  2. create mint stickers
  3. label all tic tac boxes
  4. get frames for each table name
  5. get photo frame to sign instead of guest book
  6. cake plate
  7. cake topper

    This is Jono's choice of cake toppers


  8. book golf course
  9. clean our apartment
  10. get guest room ready
  11. get extra pillows
  12. confirm rehearsal dinner orders
  13. my ring cleaned
  14. watches engraved
  15. call photographer about engagement photos
  16. make photo shot list
  17. follow-up on bitter sweet for center pieces
  18. pay mom back for rehearsal dinner deposit
  19. enlist an aunt to help Molly on the day of
  20. find out about getting sparklers for send off
  21. make a sign for gift table
  22. display RSVP cards
  23. honeymoon airline tickets
  24. honeymoon hotel
  25. misc gifts


Naturally there’s a lot to do, but it’s a lot of smaller things. Everything is paid for and organized, so it’s not too bad.  1 week from today Jono’s family will arrive. I think that’s when it will start to feel the most real. I have my final dress fitting this Saturday and then will be finishing all table items that afternoon. we’ve met with the officiant last weekend and she did a very mini rehearsal right in her living room! I didn’t expect that and it was so cute to see Jono get nervous! I’m usually the nervous one, but once we were standing in front of her he couldn’t stop fidgeting and his palms were all sweaty. hehe. 

We’ve decided to go to Seattle for our honeymoon and I am so excited! We have some free airline tickets that I won at work and he has never been there. We can’t leave the country until Jono’s visa is changed to temporary resident, so west coast will have to do. We debated Hawaii, but neither of us are really beach people. We’re more rain people. 

I can’t wait to be married to you Jono 🙂


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  1. Yay for getting so much done this weekend! Can’t wait for the wedding festivities to begin!!

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