My parents

We’re married! Ok, you knew that. I don’t care, I’m excited! Here are a few links to some photo albums from the awesome day.

Wedding weekend

Table Cameras

The Wedding

Engagement pictures

Honeymoon – Seattle


Of course things aren’t any different than they were before. That’s how it should be. We knew we liked our life and we’ve worked hard to make it how it is. I have officially changed my name to Laura Gajewski Olley. My new Social Security card came in the mail today and my drivers license shouldn’t be far behind. I need a new passport and I’m all set! It’s hard to image that no one at my new job on monday will ever have known me as Laura Gajewski. Jonathan on the other hand…

The next step in the visa process is upon us. We have to now apply for the adjustment of status for him. From fiance visa to temporary resident. This will cost us $1000 just to apply. Hopefully this will take a while to process (as usual) and then he should be able to travel again. Hopefully in time for the blessing in the UK in April.

My new job at CEA starts on monday! Yikes! I started to get a sore throat monday and it started to get worse. I took today to sleep it off and I think I’ve kicked it. What a perfect time to get a cold! ugh! I spent the day watching Nip/Tuck on Netflix. Great show. The president of my current company called me last night at home to ask why I was leaving and what would my suggestions be for ASTA. Yikes. I’m glad he cared enough about the company to ask, I hope he starts doing that with everyone that leaves. I am really curious to know what’s going to happen there in the next few years.


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