SSN, Driving and more paper work

In the post marriage world the fun of paper work and forms continue.  It seem that Laura and I have quite possibly entered the most documented times of our life.  To the original ‘package’ of approximately 100 pages of info we can now add to the list about another 50 or so.  I now have to prove that I have actually done the things I said I would l do to get in the country(like actually get married), and just to prove that America has a sense of humor it would like me to do all this with out leaving the country.  At least not until further notice, and not until the government says so.  The Land of the Free really is very restricting.

There are however a couple of glimmers at the end of the tunnel.  I am now the proud owner of Social Security Number, good to know that the first thing sorted is my ability to pay tax! (For those of an English disposition think NI#) Oh, and the option to start looking for a US based job.  It is truly amazing the number of companies that have on-line forms that you can’t even file without putting in your SSN.

In other news I have passed my US driving test.  I would like to say that it required a great deal of study, hours of practicing maneuvers, and a detailed cognitive analysis.  In reality I found out the reason why people, in my opinion find it hard to control their cars in a safe and consciences manor.  The ‘theory’ test consisted of 35 questions which despite not actually knowing I had to take a test was passable 1st time round.  I did however learn that according to the DMV 1 beer = 1 small glass of wine or 1 shot… good to know!!!

The practical test of this little adventure was even more rigorous.  10 minutes long, 50% of time answering questions like ‘where is the left indicator?’ and ‘turn the hazard lights on’.  This was then followed by driving a total of 3 blocks turning round and coming back.  To make sure I passed they even managed to ensure that no more than 2 cars were on the road with me.  I have to ask the question, what was the point? I mean really, please please please  get a better driving test it may save my life one day.

The up shot of all this is that I am no not only able to drive as a resident of Virginia but more importantly I will now be able to buy such dangerous things as a pint without being looked at with disgust.  I never realized that producing a foreign I.D could have this effect on another human being, but its true, at times it even stops me from being allowed to enter a bar because they don’t recognize the legitimacy of anything non-American – sorry Gooch and Carly I know you had this as well.  Again, I am loving the irony of needing a driving licensee so I can have a drink.  Now being a fully bonafied resident of NRA central may mean that I am now be able to get a gun as well.  Oh what fun legitimacy is, this one needs more investigating!


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  1. Whoop whoop! Identity theft alert! Whoop whoop! Jono! You cannot post a picture of your SS card! What if someone zooms in close enough to see the number and then steals your identity?!? Then the government will realize you clearly can’t be trusted with such an honor of being a SSN-carrying citizen of this great country. Which will, in turn, cause a revocation of your drivers’ license and then you may as well have not even gotten married b/c they’ll probably kick you out as soon possible! Poor Laura…


  2. Oh Molly, you really do underestimate me… if you take the picture and then zoom in you will see that the SSN is covered by a sticker, better than that it says ‘from the desk of a champion’ 🙂

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