The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show

Las Vegas

Well, I’ve had my CES cherry popped! Wow! My company (the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)) is responsible for putting on the famed Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – the envy of nerds everywhere. In late December I was at a Starbucks and overheard two guys behind the counter talking about CES – so I asked them what they were talking about. They called it nerd-heaven and when I told them I was going they offered me free drinks for a year if I could get them in or at least sneak something new back for them. HA! I was in Las Vegas from Jan. 3 to 10 for the show. Some of my co-workers go out the day after Christmas to prepare for the show! The convention center even starts preparing before then!  I knew this was something I would be preparing for as soon as I started this job and was soon introduced to how important my shoe choice would be. As staff we have a uniform/dress code which is nice actually.

Picking the right shoes...

Picking the right shoes...

The show took place Jan. 6-9 and we had celebrities like the Beastie Boys, 50 Cent, Lady GaGa and others were there with companies to show off new audio systems, headphones and more. The show is meant to show-case products that have not been released yet, so it is the place to getThere were more than 140,000 people that came to the show which filled the largest convention centers in the country. We had more than 2700 exhibitors and also took up space in the Hilton next door and some audio suites at the Venetian hotel. It was over whelming to say the least!

Me at the show

The morning I left DC I woke up with a sore throat which was a bad omen. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in bed, quarantined in my hotel room by my VP so I didn’t get anyone else sick. It seems to be a right of passage to get sick at the show, everyone had their own story of the year they missed 3 days or even the entire show! Others had horrible stories of double ear infections, stomach flus and more that I was glad not to have experienced.  Most people seem to do a daily round of Airborne (I did Berocca) the week before in preparation of not getting sick! Everyone was very understanding and helpful though and it made me glad for nice co-workers. By the time the show started on Thursday I was so tired of being stuck in my hotel room that I had to get back to work. Being sick away from home is worse than just being sick. I spent all of my time at the CEA booth, mostly answering questions about the show and helping people find specific booths and giving directions. It was a great experience and next year I hope to hear some of the Keynotes from people like Verizon, Microsoft and others.

Check out some pictures from the show here.


In other news, I’m sad to say that our beloved Josie has passed away. The night before I left for Vegas we noticed he was very lethargic (more than usual for a cat) and when we inspected him more it was obvious that he was sick. On that Monday, Jono and mom took him to the vet. They found out that it was going to take pretty expensive, difficult and probably painful procedures to find out what was wrong and help him. We decided that since he was 16, had lived a wonderful life and we didn’t want to see him suffer, that it would be better to put him to sleep.  Sadly, we had to say goodbye on Jan. 4. Say hello to our new friend, Zoey. She is fiesty and Madison still isn’t sure about her, but hopefully they will warm up to each other soon 🙂  


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