Urban Weekend Warriors

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I love that we live so close to DC.  Sometimes we spend a TON of time in the city, and sometimes, none at all. A few weekends ago we literally hiked DC. We put the car down at GW and took the metro from Foggy Bottom to  Cleveland Park. There we hopped on the Rock Creek Park trail and wound our way back down to the car. Sometimes we stayed on the trail and sometime we got onto Massachusetts Ave and walked down into Dupont. A little urban hiking.

This weekend we managed to get into the city every day and fanagle some great parking situations and navigate 395 extra smoothly!

Friday: We hit up our first Nationals game of the season. Jono found us some great seats and although it was a little chilly, we had a great time. Unfortunately my allergies are pretty bad right now, so my left eye was a little un co-operative – hence the sad eye rubbing photos. After the game, which the Nats won in the 10th, we headed over to one of our favorite Arlington spots, Northside Social. It’s a coffee/wine bar that has board games and live music, what more could we ask for? There was a live blues band and so we settled in to listen and play a few games of Uno.

Saturday: I got up a little early to get my haircut and run some errands on a chilly, rainy saturday. Later  in the afternoon we headed into Penn Quarter in DC to Teaism to hang out with my cousin Sheyanna and my mom. I am so glad that we’ve connected with Sheyanna who is a flight attendant for Aer Lingus. The 4 of us have hung out a few times and just can’t stop talking! Before we know it, it’s 1 am. I shuffled everyone on to another Arlington classic, Lost Dog for some dinner and more laughter. We closed the place down! From mom’ s side-view bi-focal contacts to discussions about growing up, there was something for everyone!

Sunday: Sunday was gorgeous. Perfect 60 degrees and VERY sunny. The Nats played a double header, so that always lingered in the background of the day. We started off with brunch at Vinoteca in the U st. corridor with some of the people on Jono’s Bocce ball team. While the food and company were amazing, our waiter left something to be desired. He was clearly hung over from the night before, so much so that he couldn’t manage to button all of his shirt buttons in order. We enjoyed his misery a little too much 🙂 Next we headed down to Eastern Market since it was too beautiful stay inside. There are always treasures to be found there, a dangerous place! I especially loved going into Fairy Godmother, the toy store I used to go to as a child when we lived a few blocks away on Capital Hill.  After heading home for a break, some of the Nats game and nap, we headed back into DC to meet up with Lian. She was in town for the weekend for the Power Shift convention. we got to hang out for a bit between her leadership and lobbying training 🙂

It was nice to end the weekend with a silly movie on the couch…Date Night.


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