Cupcake time!

A ziploc bag is working just a good as a decorators bag

A little more icing won't kill anyone...

almost done...

Who needs Georgetown Cupcakes?

Who needs Georgetown Cupcakes?

This week my office had it’s annual summer picnic. There was a kickball tournament you could sign up for or new this year they did a cupcake baking competition. You had to bring 24 cupcakes and then 3 of the senior staff judged them and picked their two favorite. Then the kids got to vote on those two. Everyone else got to put in a vote too for the ‘fan favorite’. My cupcakes were in the final two (the judges fav of the two) and won fan favorite! The only reason I didn’t win the grand prize was because I was up against ones that had a blow-pop sticking out of them, so of course the kids liked those. oh well 🙂 I had so much fun making them and being in the competition. Honestly I’ve never baked cupcakes before, this was just a REALLY good recipe. Snickers cupcakes that had a mini snickers in each one and then caramel frosting and snickers on top. YUM. The cake part had sour cream and instant jello pudding powder in it which I think made them super moist. So many people in the office have emailed me asking for the recipe. Someone even told me that if I ever went into the business they would be my first customer! Ha. I love it. Here are some other pictures from the picnic.

I have today off and Jono took today off since he figured the friday of a holiday weekend wouldn’t be conducive to getting in touch with people at their offices. Unfortunately it’s been a day of errands. We took Madison to the vet since she’s been having an ear problem. Poor thing was so un happy. They cleaned her ears, gave her medicine and in the mean time saw that her teeth/gums didn’t look great. Let’s be honest, no cat has good teeth. I certainly am not about to brush them, like she would let me. So they say it’s time for a cleaning and a few need to be pulled. They gave us a $800-$1,100 estimate. Ugh. It needs to be done though. Zoey seems to be sad she didn’t get to go. Check out this afternoon napping spot.

Nap time or the vet?

After that we had to get the car inspected and renew the registration. Being an adult sure costs a lot of un-fun money! Jono was quite grouchy for a few hours about having to spend on things like this but that’s life. We also just got our tickets for England in October which is really exciting, but a large chunk of money. Even though we saved up for it, it’s still a big expense. I recently got the British Airways credit card so we’ll rack up the points and it looks like our next flights will be free! In other good financial news, Jono was approved for an unsecured US credit card. This means he can start building a credit history and it’s not all on me. We thought he was going to have to do a secured card, which meant he would have to pay to have it until he could show a good payment history.

However, we’re really excited to be heading to England October 1-12! We’ll have the blessing on October 8, so right now we’re working out guest lists and invitation with Jono’s parents. The venue has been booked, I obviously have my dress and with the flowers we got SUPER lucky. The village will be having its fall festival that week so the church etc. will be FILLED with autumn colored flowers. It’s going to be so great.

My newest obsession is this site called Pinterest, have you seen it? Check it out. It’s this really fun way to get craft, food and decorating ideas. You ‘pin’ things from any site you see to your boards and then you have them there forever. It’s where I found the cupcake recipe! There are also a ton of fun DIY projects that I’m hoping to check out this summer.

Nothing too much going on this weekend, a bit of pool time, some fireworks, eating out with friends, some bocce and maybe a Mario Cart Wii tournament. It’s supposed to be in the 90’s. ugh.


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  1. Those cupcakes were AMAZINGGGGG! I am definitely going to use that recipe sometime! YUM! WAY better than Georgetown Cupcake!

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