Hot town summer in the city…

These past few weeks have been pretty miserably hot, very high 90’s and very humid! We’ve been just trying to stay cool and indoors.

Last weekend we went to the Nationals game and thankfully it was an evening game so it wasn’t too hot. Beforehand we checked out the folk life festival on the all downtown. I’ve never been and man was it hot but it was interesting. There was a lot of music and dancing which was really cool. There was a peace corps section where they showcased some of the projects that they’ve been working on which was really interesting. Here are a few pictures from our adventures.

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Work for me has been going well. I’m working a lot on our next membership event, Industry Forum in San Diego, Oct. 23-26. I’m pretty excited because my boss has entrusted me with a lot, work that she has always done herself for the past 10 years or so. It’s true marketing experience which is very similar to PR but not exactly, and I really like it. This week I’ve been involved in one of our membership board retreats and its been and interesting experience. Since I work on the membership side of the marketing team, it’s good to meet the members and hear what they have to say. I didn’t really have that experience at my last job and it might have made a difference.

Thankfully madison’s ears are back to normal health, but now she has to get her teeth taken care of so thats our next expensive adventure this month.

I’m still hyping myself up to try hot yoga. I’ve heard so many great things, but also how intense it is! I hear the first time your goal is just not to leave the room! Yikes!

Were headed up to Pound Ridge, NY for the weekend on friday to visit Dida and Suzanne before they move to California in October. It should be cooler, they have a pool and were going to an outdoor jazz concert Saturday, so it should be fun. I have friday off so I’m headed up with my parents Friday and Jono will join us Saturday. It’ll be good to spend time with just my parents, it’s been a while since it’s been just the 3 of us.


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