Mischief Managed

Things haven’t been too exciting around here. Last weekend we went up to Pound Ridge, NY to visit Dida and Suzanne. They are moving to San Francisco in October because she got a new job so we wanted to go see them before they left. They have this really incredible house in this small town a little north of the city. It’s about an hour train commute into NYC and right on the border with Connecticut. It’s tucked away and we got to enjoy this gorgeous pool for the weekend. Friday mom, dad and I went up together. Although it did take all day to get there, we enjoyed a swim and then salmon and steaks on the grill for dinner outside. It was beautiful. To the right of that picture the land sort of drops off into forest and a stream which makes this beautifully serene sound. THe house is very modern and the entire side the faces the stream is floor to ceiling windows. It’s gorgeous. Unfortunately the pool heater wasn’t working so the water was refreshing to say the least. We still enjoyed a lazy saturday by the pool and I even got a tan, so that’s a win! Jono drove up bright and early saturday to join us and we all went to Caramoor for a picnic and outdoor concert. It was a good change to the monotonous summer we’ve been having. It was good to have the first easy and enjoyable family weekend I can ever remember. We’ve worked hard. All of us.

Bocce has also started again, so we’re glad (even though it’s miserably hot) to spend time with these good friends again.











We finally got to see the final Harry Potter movie on Friday. Jono is here first in line 1 hour before the movie, so excited!!!! 

It was very well-done. I haven’t read all the books which I know is horrible, but the movies still tell a great story (even if not as intricate). I will definitely be purchasing the whole set when they are all out on DVD. I saw I quote today that I really liked: “Harry potter is all about doing the right thing, friendship and growing up. Twilight just shows you it’s important to have a boyfriend.” While I agree with this, twilight’s still quite entertaining and has made for some entertaining movies. This week there have been some great Harry Potter/Twilight comparisons. Here are a few of my favs:

Harry or Edward?

Harry Potter's Moral


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  1. Gosh that backyard looks GORGEOUS! Why are they leaving again? Do you have pics of the rest of the house? Would love to see it!

  2. Oh WOW! It looks like a museum! Loving the floor to ceiling windows. So I’m thinking if you and I and maybe 10 other people go in on it, we can buy it. Thoughts? Does it come furnished? Otherwise the deal’s off the table. Tell Dida. =P

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