Rain soaked picnic

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These first pictures are of us going out for sushi….WHAT. Jono actually said “I think I feel like sushi tonight”. WHOA. Shut. the. front. door. It was yummy.

This past weekend went by really fast! We hosted a summer BBQ at the park near our house and about 25 people came. Sadly it rained super heavy for about 15 min at 5 pm, just enough to drench us all and send us inside. I know we would have stayed out there cooking and eating and drinking much longer if it hadn’t rained. We had bocce, corn hole, frisbees, baseball gloves, burgers, chicken, taco salad, cupcakes and so much other food and drinks. I would have loved to have sat and grazed all day long. It was a pretty good mix of people,everyone knew at least 1 or 2 other people, but otherwise it was all making new friends. People came back to our place soaked after the down pour and the boys enjoyed some cigars on our stairs. Zoey had a great time sneaking out of the house and making new friends too.

Sunday we went for a very humid hike on the Mt Vernon trail and celebrated dads birthday with a good steak dinner at home and watching The Rock.

I made Anne’s son, Ryan, a quilt for his 1st birthday which is on Friday, the pictures are above. I love those rag quilts, they’re easy, soft, and so cute. I was able to make that one in a week!


My newest discovery is called TuexDeux by Swiss-Miss. Check out her site to see what it’s all about, how she invented it and especially the hilarious demo videos. It’s basically a to-do list online that syncs with an iphone app. It’s really simple, gets the job done and is super easy to use. I usually use a student planner that I keep in front of my keyboard to keep track of things but mine ended last week and I haven’t been able to find another one. So, I think this means I need to transition to totally digital. Yikes!

On Friday were headed to Chincoteague with Molly and I’m pretty excited. Jonos never been and it’ll be a good break 🙂


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