Chincoteague and #DCquake!

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This weekend we went to Chincoteague! Molly’s boss owns a house there and he let us use free for the weekend. We all went up Friday and stayed until Sunday. We had a good time, it had been maybe 3 years since I had been there and before that probably more than 10 years! It was the beach I went to as a kid and where I learned to ride a bike. The pictures above are in front of the very first house my family ever stayed in.

We went to the beach, hung out in the sun, Jono got to play golf, we all played mini golf and even rented scooters. Molly has more pictures that I post when she puts them up.

The big news around here is yesterday’s earthquake!! It was pretty scary! A 5.9 that originated near Richmond but was felt all the way to Georgia, Chicago, Ohio, NYC and Canada! I was outside at lunch and the trees started swaying and all the buildings started evacuating (even though that’s not what you should do in an earthquake but hey were the east coast, what do we know?). I walked back to my office and they had evacuated. After standing outside for 30min they closed our building and sent us home. No damage has been done, no one killed or really injured, just kinda scary. They said inside the building things really swayed, I think. That would have been scarier!

Otherwise it gorgeous here, 81 but breezy and not humid, very un-august! I wish we could sleep with the windows open but I’m afraid zoey would try and bust out while were asleep. She jumped through the screen and fell 2 stories on easter in her vigor to get to the open window. Nut job.

I’m really excited to go to England in a few weeks! I’ve been trying to help Jono’s mom with picking the cake, my bouquet, music and all that. It’s strange doing it from so far away. Questions are so general, like “what cake do you want?” when we can’t go to a bakery together or look at decoration options.

Work for me is going well. I’m busy getting ready for my event in October, bought my plane tickets yesterday to San diego oct 23-26. I’ll be in the office for a week of October – crazy!

We don’t have much going on this weekend yet. I have friday off and Jono is getting a physical (!!!!!!) then maybe a BBQ or kayak renting Saturday? We’re supposed to get some of Hurricane Irene Sunday/Monday, so I want to enjoy the gorgeous weather before then.


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