Jono declares: summer is over!!!




Today is a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Sunny, mid 80s and not humid. I’m hanging out at one of our favorite haunts, Northside Social, this great coffee/wine bar. Jono and I just shared some wonderful breakfast and he’s gone shopping. Want to know what for? Jeans. That’s right. It’s august in dc and he has decided he needs jeans (not that he doesn’t have 4 pairs already). This morning he told me that he is sick of summer clothes and got dressed in jeans, a long sleeve button down and a hat. Very fall. Just to show you, I’m in flip flops and a sleeveless shirt today, and still a little sweaty. But no matter to Jono, he has declared summer over. Hilarious.


On Wednesday our friend mike had an extra ticket to the Maroon 5 concert at merriweather so I got to go!! It was so much fun 🙂 he has even made friends with a local radio morning show host (tommy mcfly from 94.7) who’s our age so he gave us a ride to the concert since he was going too. Super nice friendly guy. We had such a blast. Maroon 5 was AMAZING.

Well, sufficed to say we survived Irene. Our power didn’t even go out, I was impressed. I feel like our power goes out at the drop of a hat. We got wind and rain, and from what I hear a few people around us did have minor power outages, but we escaped pretty lucky.

Friday was my last summer Friday off 😦 but I made it worthwhile. I got up early, took Jono for his first physical in god knows how many years, went to the bank and sat and read at Starbucks for an hour and enjoyed my first mocha in a very long time. After getting some back up water and candles at the grocery store I got to have lunch with Becca, from Jono’s office who also took the day off. Were just starting to hang out, but I hope we do more, we had a good time. I want more friends! Then I took a nap by the pool, went to the gym and then we went out to dinner and saw the movie Crazy Stupid Love. It was awesome. It was not only hilarious with a great cast, but not your typical rom com. It was funny and sweet, but had some very serious realistic aspects which made it very relatable and believable. There was a semi happy ending, but not over the top impossible like most feel-good movies.


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