Bikram Yoga

Hot Yoga Poses

Ok, so part of my plan to loose a few pounds so my dress is comfortable is hot yoga. Last weekend I tried it and really liked it. It’s 90 minutes in a room that is 105 degrees and at 50% humidity. It’s rough. It’s hard to breath. You sweat so much you think you’re actually melting. You have to be constantly drinking water all day before class and then continually during and after. I have been drinking about 2 liters of water before, 1 during and 1 after and STILL feel like I could have more.  These are the poses you do and you do each one twice. They all tell you it’s normal to feel dizzy, nauseous, or panicky during. Great. That’s what I need. It’s true and the instructors encourage you to take a break whenever you need it and the feeling goes away. They tell you in your first class your goal is just to stay in the room and get used to the heat. It’s crazy how much it gets your heart rate going even though you’re not running or doing anything like that.

At first I really like this first picture, it explains the poses well. But now that I look at it more carefully, why are some of the people wearing full swim suits and some just bottoms? Why not just pick one figure and stick with it? It’s not even like they are alternating. Strange.

Sunday’s class was an intro class so we went slower and only did each one once which was nice. That meant when I went on Monday it wasn’t so bad. I skipped Tuesday and went again last night and that felt harder! I don’t know why. I’m headed back tonight, so we’ll see how it feels. 

My friend Lindsay at work highly recommended Bikram Yoga after trying it herself a few weeks ago and I’m glad I’ve tried it! The instructors are kinda funny, after some poses they tell you things like “That was a mini heart attack we just gave you, but it’s so you won’t have a real one later in life.” Can’t argue with that. It’s also kind of strange when they tell you that the pose you’re doing is stretching your colon…or is really good for your organs. 🙂 Hey, I’ll take it, it’s healthy.

Tuesday I had my 2nd round of training at the animal shelter. This time was more fruitful and productive than the last time that was just a powerpoint over view of the shelter. After we get back from England I should be able to start volunteering in the cattery (Ha, I love that they call the cat kennel the cattery. It makes me feel like there should be an old witch in there hoarding cats or something). There were some dangerously adorable kittens, but I was good and didn’t bring any home 🙂

This weekend we are headed out to Front Royal, VA with a group of 7 others to spend the weekend in a cabin and spend Saturday hiking and kayaking! There is an 8 mile hike in the morning and then a 12 mile kayak in the afternoon. whew! Jono and I are just doing the kayak part, but we’re excited. Our friend Molly J. has been a rock star at planning and has every detail from the cabin, meals planned and shopped for and what times everyone needs to be where. Incredible. I love people who plan and think ahead, especially with such a large group. 


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