Banilla Cookies!

Today’s happiness comes to us via Pinterest where I found this super-fun little recipe for BaNilla Cookies! Nilla wafers, peanut butter, nutella, banana and sprinkles! How could you go wrong?? It took 2 grocery stores, 2 711’s and 1 CVS to find MINI Nilla wafers, but it was worth it. I haven’t had Nilla wafers since pre-school snack time and man are they a good throw back! I’m not gonna lie, we have a full box of full-sized ones at home because I thought I could get away with out the minis. They will be milk-dunked and enjoyed this weekend!

Other than munching those — this weekend is all about seeing Breaking Dawn! I am a nerd and got tickets on Monday to see it tomorrow. I’m not the mid-night show type, but this I am DYING to see. It’s been 18 months since the last movie and this final book was the best of all of them. I’m just so curious to see how they do everything in the story! Jono is excited too, though he’ll never tell you. Truthfully, he is the one who introduced me to the Twilight books! He read the first one on the way to Orlando in 2008 for THETRADESHOW and our 2nd time meeting ever. He was enthralled and told me I HAD to read it and even shipped me his copy when he finished it back in London. I got consumed and read them all within a few weeks. He, however, heard shortly after reading the first one that they were popular with teen-age girls and refused to read the others. I finally got him to finish them when he moved here and now he’s read them all 3 times 🙂

Side story — yesterday I had put some crackers into a ziploc bag to eat in the afternoon. I was eating them in the car and not looking at the bag and suddenly felt paper in my mouth. It was a cough drop wrapper!! eww! I haven’t had a cough drop in MONTHS so there aren’t any in my car….so it had to have come from the box of crackers?! EW!

It’s starting to get cold and I’m starting to enjoy wearing sweaters, blazers and fun scarves. Hope you enjoy this chilly but clear fall weekend. Almost all of the leaves are off the trees and on the ground now, but that just makes it all the better for leaf piles and jumping!!


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