The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

It’s finally Christmas! Althougth I may not be singing loud for all to hear, I’m still trying to spread cheer! I might get Jono to watch White Christmas tonight, muahaha! This past week suddenly got very busy and very Christmasy! The weather is cooler, Christmas shopping is done and we’ve had a few parties already. Hard to believe.

Let’s back-up just a minute — what about Thanksgiving? Ours was pretty quite. We spent it at mom’s just the 3 of us since Dad is still in Iraq. Jono was in a bike accident the night before thanksgiving – hit by a car by the white house! He’s ok, just kinda sore for a little while and a few bruises. He actually biked home from the accident! It happened about a block away from the White House so the police, an EMT and secret service were swarming him pretty fast. They thought it was a diversion! Oh DC. The bike had about $200 worth of damages but we’re just grateful he wasn’t hurt.

Must. Have. Mashed. Potatoes.

Mom getting the Turkey ready

Best Turkey Recipe ever includes Bacon and Maple syrup

Jono "reluctantly" recovering on the couch in front of football with beer and potato chips!

As for Christmas, we’re headed to Boston to spend it with my mom’s side of the family. Three of her sisters, their husbands/boyfriends, 4 cousins, my grand mother and maybe others. Just how I like the holidays – packed with people and food! We love Boston and are flying up the same day my parents have decided to drive so since we’ll get there in 2 hours and they will take 8 – we’re going to do some fun christmas sight-seeing in the city! I’m really excited about that.

We put up our tree on friday and it just brightens up the living room, I love it. We have a fake, pre-lit tree that I think is just perfect for an apartment. My favorite Christmas albums have been on repeat – Christmas Songs by Diana Krall and Let it Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer by Relient K. Last weekend we went to the National Cathedral in DC to hear a performance of Handel’s Messiah. Just to get us in the spirit! Zoey is in love with the tree. We can’t leave her alone in the house for more than an hour without her taking down at least 5 ornaments. Luckily the plastic ones are the only ones in her reach. Sunday she actually decided to climb IN the tree.

Christmas Kitty!

Zoey (not) helping me mail gifts

Climbing OUT of the tree...

"But can't I PLEASE climb the tree and break ALL the ornaments? You mean you DIDN'T put them up just for me?!"

We have more Christmas parties, lunches and office dinners this week which I’m really looking forward to. My department went to lunch last friday, Jono will go this wednesday, our whole office is having a party and 1/2 day wednesday, I have book club christmas party wednesday night, thursday night we’re having an ASTA dinner with old friends and then friday night we’re going out to dinner with Jono’s office. WHEW! Sunday we hosted a dollar-store christmas with my cousin Sheyanna, her boyfriend Andrae and mom. It was pretty fun. I got to try a new recipe I found on Pinterest for these amazing breakfast things.

Dollar store Christmas is where you decide how much each person gets (we said $4) and then you have to get each person $4 worth of gifts at the dollar store. That way you don’t spend a lot but everyone has a lot to open, and it gets pretty funny. YOu can’t go to a regular dollar tree store, it has to be a shady dollar store where they don’t speak english and have funny things you can’t even understand. Maybe the packaging is mis-spelled, or it’s a product you can’t even tell what it’s for. The funnier the better. We had a great time!

This past weekend we went to a DC Roller Girls derby, it was so much fun! Especially the names. The teams were things like ‘Scare Force One‘ and ‘Majority Whips‘ with team members like Nasty Pelosi, Dual Hitizen, Condalezza Slice, and my fav: Marion Barrycuda! I loved the DC names. Our friend Mandy thought of Madeline Allhit – excellent! We had a great time.

DC RollerGirls!

My work is going well, getting to be our busy time of year with our big conference in Vegas Jan 10-13. My role has changed a little this year at the show and I am heading upp ALL social media coverage onsite! That is one big job, let me tell you! I’m excited for the new opportunities and a new way to experience the show. I’m starting to feel the stress of the show too, so hopefully hot yoga will help with that 🙂

I’m part of the team that’s redesigning our web site and it’s been a year-long project and we just got a huge budget approved by our board yesterday that’s allowing us to move forward with the project which is a HUGE relief and very exciting!

I have also been volunteering at the animal shelter near our house once a week in the cat adoption room. It’s been so much fun 🙂


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  1. I DEF watched White Christmas that night – LOVE IT. And it’s a great way to get into the xmas spirit for sure. Super cute pics of Zoey 🙂 Where’s Madison? Staying away from the crazy one? Ha!

  2. Madison is such a blob, she likes to sit and watch Zoey make trouble.

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