2012 CES: Pre-Show

CEA/CES Marketing

I’m here in Vegas getting ready for the 2012 CES. I got here on saturday and it’s been pretty busy so far. Today is the first day wearing our uniforms so we took a department picture this morning after breakfast. We have new shirts and sweaters this year which we’re sadly really excited about. They’re much nicer than last year.

Me and 3 other staffers are using Fitbit – this sweet pedometer – and are having some friendly competition about who can walk the most. Check out my mileage and activity here. It’s a lot of fun. The show is going better for me this year for 2 reasons: I know people this year. Last year I had only been at the company for 1 month so I hardly knew anyone. Also, this year I haven’t gotten sick! I was sick the first 3 of 7 days last year, stuck in my room. Oh yeah, and a cat hasn’t died. lol.

Here are a few more fun pictures so far. Check out @intlCES and facebook to see what I’ll be doing. I’m the one actually posting to those accounts. You can also find me on @PRcreator.

After our staff dinner sunday nightMe, Michelle and Nicole at a piano barView of the convention centerDay 1


Day 1


View of the convention center


Me, Michelle and Nicole at a piano bar


Our amazing real-time social media lounge


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