Home from CES! Whew!

Well, that’s another CES under my belt. I don’t know how some people have more than 10, but I bet it flies by and you get there before you know it. This year was much better than last year for me. I didn’t get sick, I didn’t have to work in the booth in the grand lobby and I knew people. Last year was really lonely. I had just started at the company 2 months before the show so I didn’t really have time to get to know anyone. This year I also ventured out more which was better. We all kept saying that the week went by fast but slow. I guess it’s hard to explain. You’re crazy busy so it goes fast but you’re tired and in vegas for a week so it goes slow. I cant wait to be home with jono and the kitties. The social media side of the show went really well. This is the first year we’ve had anyone dedicated to social media so Chris and I were really able to focus on it. He took pictures like crazy, we tweeted, facebooked, Flickr and comm made more than 85 YouTube videos. We reached over 1 billion twitter users over the week! Now that’s insane. We had a lot of fun doing it too. The weather was gorgeous – 60s and sunny the whole time. I even walked the 1.5 miles to the convention center one day. Me and 4 other staffers had the same pedometer, fitbit, and got a little competitive. It was fun.CEA/CES staff loving our Tieks!

We saw some cool things, as usual. But it’s just so over whelming. There are some amazing TVs, thinner and higher def. some crazy fitness trackers and equipment that is really on the rise this year. I think. In a few years it will be amazing what kind of health monitoring were going to be able to do at home. There are already phone cases that can take your pulse and help you monitor your BP right from your pocket. I can’t imagine where the world is going to be when we have kids. We got a few fun freebies – lots of t-shirts as usual but also sOme headphones, iPhone cases and I got this awesome iPhone travel charger that had an extra battery that i can charge up and then use for my phone when I’m not near an outlet. I almosT got a free timbuk2 bag which would have been amazing but they were all gone by the time I got there. Next year, I going on the first day! I did catch the new York times booth selling nook readers which is definitely illegal, so they got busted.

My one event went well, the tweet up. Our sponsors were pleased at least. I wish it was a little better attended. We had sold 850 tickets and about 300 showed up. I know that’d normal, but still. We had some sweet give aways – ESP the nest. It’s a learning thermostat for your house that’s wifi enabled. It’s been sold out since november and won’t be available again until 2013. We all wanted it.

I can’t wait until next year to have jono come out at the end. I think since the show is the same tues-fri he’ll come Thursday night and we’ll do the grand canyon after I’m done working. I’ll get him a guest pass for the last day of the show do he can see all the amazing things and then well bust out of Vegas. Neither of us have seen the grand canyon and to rent a car and drive there from Vegas is easy. I would love to have him there during the show too. My friend Lindsay’s husband came on Tuesday and just hung out with her with a pass to the show and just helped. I was so jealous.


Check out all the amazing pictures we got.


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