Spring Cleaning

..of my life onto the blog! It’s been too long since I’ve updated this blog but I’m going to go ahead and blame pinterest. That’s right, you heard me. Pinterest is amazing, and I love playing with it and feeling inspired. Hell, I’ve done quite a few of the things I’ve pinned even! But it’s making me feel creative guilt. As if everything I create must be perfect or beautiful. When I’ve been thinking about the blog at least every few days and what I would say or how I would say it, I get all muddled in trying to make it clever or super insightful. Damn Pinterest.

Rose-Ellen’s birthday is Feb. 19 so I went to visit her for that weekend. It was a little last-minute but I’m so glad I went. It was so fun to see her and spend time with her girls and meet 6-week old baby katelyn! Now I guess she’s 11 weeks old, wow. She’s such a good baby, sleeps a lot, doesn’t cry much and Becca and Natalie adore her. I had a great time and it really made me miss Rose-Ellen more than ever. It’s amazing that we can still maintain a close friendship. I wish Iw as closer to help her with the girls more, be part of their lives as they grow up. We had quite a few of our good old goofy nights, which was just so great to have again. Here are a few fun pictures from the trip. There are more here.

The only last bit of fun at the end of the trip was I missed my flight home! Yikes! It was two flights, Yakima, WA to seattle then direct to DCA. I missed the Yakima one because the airport is so super tiny we didn’t rush to get there. I was 3 min late to the security cut-off. They could have let me in if it wasn’t such a small airport and they only had 3 people to work the flight so that once the desk closed, they ALL went to go work the gate. Thank God for one really kind Alaska Airlines employee who got me on the same flights the next day FOR FREE. It may have helped to have Rose-Ellen come inside with all 3 girls for a little pity, and I was crying out of frustration for myself. oh well 🙂 At least there was a Butter London nail place IN the Seattle Airport and I got a wicked crazy manicure.

Jono and I finally joined the gym. I’ve been so good and going at least once if not twice some days every week, taking 1-2 days off. I also started Weight Watchers, through work. They’re paying for it so I thought why not? it’s interesting because you get your allotted points per day that you’re allowed to eat. Then you can earn extra points by being active. So I have 28 pts everyday. but I usually earn 10-18 extra points by going to the gym (you work all this out on their really well-developed iPhone app or website). so it doesn’t really feel like dieting because I seem to get to eat well. And still have a few girl scout cookies! it might just be the psychology of recording what you eat and helping make different choices. I know it has done that. I’ve skipped Starbucks a lot of times that I would have had one. Or even gotten a tall (gasp!). It’s only been one week, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m determined to get down to 140 though. I’ve been taking a kickboxing class that one of my co-workers teaches on the weekends at the gym, then spinning and weight lifting classes too. whew!

Work is going well. My big project of re-doing our website is hopefully almost done. We’re hoping to launch April 4 — eeeeeek. One of the great project managers had to take medical leave for a few weeks and I really miss her. She’s been at the company 25 years and is so experienced in — well, everything! She left me some big shoes to fill, so I hope I can make her proud. We’re on track still so that’s what counts. it’s been a really great experience. I’m so lucky to have a boss that supports me, encourages me to try anything I want and trusts me to do things on my own.

Not too much else is going on around here. Just trying to eat well, exercise and spend time with friends. From “book club” nights full of laughter and friendship to bocce team nights out – we’re pretty happy and lucky to have some great people in our lives.

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