Bocce Season!

Bocce started again last week and we’re pretty excited. Here’s our team picture from our first game (which we lost, but that’s beside the point!). Olivia told us to growl and show our muscles so that the other teams would be intimidated – I hope it worked! We’ve been so lucky to find this seemingly random bocce team and get such great friends from it! It was a year ago that we all got thrown together, all of us looking to join a team as individuals and got thrown together. There have been many Nats games, bowling nights, dinners, partys, game nights, brunches and nights out since ūüôā

I’ve started taking spinning classes at the gym for the past few weeks and I’ve really liked it. It’s SO hard, but it’s an incredible ¬†1-hr work out and I’ve found some teachers I really like. I even invested in my first pair of clip shoes for the bikes. I only got them yesterday though so they will take¬†their¬†first test-ride tomorrow night and I’m pretty excited. A co-worker who is also into spin class showed me this site,, for cheap but in good condition gear which I might have to hit up soon. I feel like I’m going through a few fads in exercising – from hot yoga to spin class – but I think it’s ok. I’m just trying to find something that works for me and that I like. I was getting really bad dehydration headaches doing hot yoga in the winter – going from the extreme cold outside in January to the extreme hot in the studio was too much for my body. Plus at my physical in¬†January¬†my doctor said she wasn’t a big fan of ¬†hot yoga. I know there are MANY varying opinions out there about it between medical professionals but I trust her, so I decided to stop for now.

With all this exercise I’ve actually noticed weight loss! Since March 7 when I started weight watchers I’ve lost 9.4 lbs! My clothes are looser and I’m ¬†size medium now! Woooo! It feels so good to see progress for all your hard work. Friday night Jono and I had a date night and went to our favorite¬†restaurant, Carlyle, and had our favorite dinner. We always order the same appetizer, artichoke-spinach dip, then I get¬†their¬†chicken pillard and he gets¬†their¬†ribs for dinner and then we share the chocolate waffle for dessert! It was amazing how difficult it was for us to eat that much in one sitting now. It used to be no problem, but now it’s nearly impossible. I had spent 90 min at the gym before-hand earning the WW points I would need to indulge like that, and it was SO worth it and satisfying.

We made a big adult purchase this weekend — a real vacuum that cost real money. That means not something under $100 that we grabbed at target. our old one was like that and only lasted 2 years and died recently. This opened up the discussion about product¬†warranties. Jono thinks they are never worth it and just a sales tactic. In most cases, I agree. But major appliances? Ok, maybe not a vacuum, but a new washer or dryer? Fridge? I don’t know, I think they can be worth it then. Should be interesting debate when the time comes to get those things!

Jono had his own adult purchase moment, which was pretty funny. One day while I was doing laundry he asked that if I found any of the plastic collar stays his shirts had come with could I save them. I said I had already accidentally thrown a few out since they were cheap and bent, but why doesn’t he just buy some metal ones to re-use? Oh no, he told me, that was too adult. He thought he should be a father before being grown-up enough to buy metal,¬†re-useable¬†collar-stays. Really? What a goof.


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