EEEEK. I’m old. I mean really old. Well, not really. Ok, fine. I guess it’s not that bad. At least I’m not as old as Jono.

I had a really great birthday. Dinner with the bocce team at one of my favorite asian restaurants: (more pictures here)

Jono and I at Cafe Asia

Me and Olivia trying to make Andrew party hard

Then on my actual birthday which was a Thursday we went and had dinner at my parents. I was so good and even waited to open my presents all day and even after dinner! So unlike me 🙂 We had pork chops with mom’s rosemary and balsamic reduction sauce. yum. And of course, Georgetown Cupcakes for dessert. We thought that by having cupcakes we would be able to have less cake left over…that didn’t really work. we still had to order 12 to get them delivered. oh well, they were delicious! Check out all the pictures here.

Opening birthday gifts at home

Mom giving Jono brandy for my birthday

Jono bought me a new bike for my birthday! Yikes! We signed up to do Bike DC on May 13 and when we went to get my bike from my parents the night before he realized how heavy and old my mountain bike was and insisted on getting me a new, lighter, road bike! It’s a little scary, the drop handles and skinny tires and clip shoes, but I’m getting used to it and really starting to get into it. Bike DC was a little scary though since there were a ton of people and it was my first ride.

My new bike from Jono!

At the top of the GW parkway 5/13 for Bike DC. Champions!

My parents paid for 2 nights at a bed and breakfast in St. Michael’s, MD as my birthday gift and we had a great time! The weather was amazing, it was super flat so we went on 2 30-mile bike rides and ate too much delicious food. Check out the rest of the pictures here.

St. Michael’s Weekend birthday trip

Ice cream in St. Michael’s

On the ferry in St. Michael’s for our 2nd 30-mile bike ride!

Bike riding in St. Michael’s

Weight watchers has been going really well. I’m at 152.5 down from 167.5 in march which is huge! I actually bought a few size 8 things over the weekend, including jeans, which I feel like are the real test. I couldn’t feel better about it all. It’s really all about portion control, which is the hardest thing to learn. It’s so easy to eat just a little too much. I’ve also really gotten into spin classes at the gym. Jono got us both heart rate monitors, chest strap and watch and all, and that’s really helped me push just a little harder for a little longer in each work out. I’ve also found a spin instructor I really like and that makes a big difference.

We’ve got a few summer trips planned. I’ll head to Martha’s Vineyard with mom and dad for the week of 4th of July then in August Jono and I will join my parents in Chincoteague at a house for a few days with bikes and all. In October I’m going to San Fran for work for a week and Jono will join me at the end of my trip and we’ll make it a little vacation. We’re pretty excited about that one. Then we’ll head to Florida to see my dad’s mom, mimi, for thanksgiving. Whew.


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