2nd Annual Olley-que!

Just a quick update. Summer has been truckin along around here. It’s been hot. We’ve been going to the gym, a lot, playing bocce and working.

I spent a week on martha’s Vineyard with most of mom’s side of the family the first week in July. That was tons of fun. I went with just mom and dad, Jono had to work 😦 I hadn’t been to the vineyard since I was a kid, so it was great to see how beautiful it is. We all stayed with the cunningham’s at their house in Edgartown. Here are some fun pictures.

The Simons clan

Celebrating Toni’s birthday with cake and a lot of bad singing 🙂

crazy cousins

even crazier sisters

father daughter

Mom and dad flew in an open-cockpit bi-plane!

Dad loved it

Work is going well for both of us. Jonathan just completed a training course so the he can sell new packages which can earn him more commission which is excellent. I’ve been working to help our department hire a new Digital Media Marketing team of 4 more people which is really exciting. It will be so great to have a whole team focused on ALL of our websites and social media efforts, instead of some of us just doing it when we have time (which isn’t often). Industry Forum in San Francisco is coming up, so we’re looking forward to a week or so vacation after my work even in mid-October there. Family to visit, rain and fog to enjoy and wine for Jono!

Last weekend we hosted our 2nd annual BBQ party in the park near our house and I have to say it went better than last year. It POURED rain on us about half-way through last year and we all had to run inside and it was a mess! It was still  fun though. This year thankfully it didn’t rain, but there were less people. August is a tough month with vacations and all. Here are a few pictures to enjoy.

All that meat is not ok with weight watchers

Haley wasn’t sure if she should be candid. So she frowned.

Making friends

Jono dropped 2 dozen Georgetown cupcakes before I could even get a pretty “before” shot

Of course that didn’t keep us from eating them!

Eating way too much

We’re headed to Chincoteague wednesday night through sunday. I’m pretty excited. Mom and dad got there sunday and are renting a house for 2 weeks, so we’re crashing their party for the weekend. It’s dad’s birthday wednesday so we’ll celebrate with some Mr. Whippy, I’m sure 🙂 It’s this amazing ice cream/soft serve place I’ve been eating at this beach since I was a kid. My family has been going to Chincoteague since I was born. It will be a fun beach escape. We’re taking our bikes and hope to get dad on his and go for some fun rides. I’m also stoked to rent scooters like we did last year. That was so fun and I know dad would love that.


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