Today was a big day! I officially weighed in below my goal weight for weight watchers! WOOO! months of hard work at the gym, dreadful mornings of getting up early, tough spin classes and being careful about how much I ate have finally paid off! I can also confidently say that this is a true life-style change. It didn’t feel like a diet, honestly. It really was just being conscious of not over-eating and if you wanted to eat more, or indulge in going out, then you have to go to the gym to earn it! I just have to maintain this weight for 6 more weeks and my membership to weight watchers is free, which is a nice perk. You also get to add more points to your daily target, but I’m a little worried about that, so we’ll see how this goes. I’m really happy with where I am and really honestly hope to maintain it. I even am getting my engagement and wedding ring resized! I feel like that is more of a commitment that getting rid of ‘fat clothes’ which is something most people have a hard time doing. Just incase you gain it back. But re-sizing rings is really the final step. They’ve been loose for weeks and I just can’t take it anymore. EEEK!

In other news, summer seems to be winding down. It’s even cooling off here which I’m hesitant to celebrate since it could turn on a dime. However, at the moment, the AC is off and all the windows are open which is so lovely.  72 at 8:50 pm isn’t bad at all. I think the high this week is supposed to be 87, I’ll take it! We went to Chincoteague a week ago for the weekend and it was a nice little taste of summer. One day on the beach, lots of bike riding and even more mosquito bites. Sleeping in, eating ice cream and taco salad , taking lots of pictures and outlet shopping on the way home. Done and done! Mom and dad rented a house for 2 weeks and we crashed it for the middle weekend they were there, so it was fun to have a little vacation together and get our bit of beach in for the year. We aren’t big beach people so one weekend was enough. Here are a few pictures but you can see all of the pictures here on Facebook.

Typical Chincoteague front yard

Mini golf with the family. A beach must-do.

Dad, LOVING his Mr. Whippy!

Mr. Whippy, a childhood classic.

Early morning bike ride to the beach to beat the heat.

crazy fiddler crabs at the beach

Jono, hiding in the ranger station while mom and I finish looking at the wild life. He was getting eaten alive by the mosquitos.

Biking on Assateague

Mom at McDonalds, our reward for going on a 7am, 23-mile bike ride! We earned it!


Egret fishing

so sweet, bunny having an early breakfast before the tourists arrive.


Dad, recovering from an intense bike ride. Jono thought he was having a heart attack.

Taking this shot only cost me 10 mosquito bites in 2 minutes. worth it.


our good little car, all packed up to go home. She’s served us well.

Family picture.


















Other than that, we’re gearing up for our trip to San Francisco in October. I’m headed for work 10/14-17 and so Jono is flying out on the night of 10/16 and we’ll return on a red-eye the night of 10/26. We just booked our flights yesterday so we’re pretty excited. We’re thinking of staying in SF a few days then renting a car and doing Sonoma, Napa, San Jose, Monterey and some other near-by towns. Some family are out there so we’ll get to see them too, which will be fun. We haven’t taken a vacation just us two and just vacation since our honeymoon — so 2 years to the exact day! Crazy! My work is ramping up and just getting busier by the day – not just because of the october event but we’re hiring 4 new people in my department and I’ve been involved in the interviews. At the same time, we’re trying to manage doing all the work these new people will be doing, once they are hired. I’ll be excited for them to start! We all will. At the same time, I’ll be a little sad to see some of my web duties go away, but I think I’ll be able to stay involved with the team since they are part of my department. That’s something I love about CEA, if something is going on in the company and you want to be part of it, you can.

Alright, I’m going to go peruse etsy for a bit (I’m struggling wanting to buy one of these amazing leather bags) and then will probably read some harry potter (#6) while Jono watches the Nats game. They are doing so well and the games are just getting so exciting, that I can hardly deny him 🙂


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