September Wine Tour

I slept until 3 p.m. yesterday. It was incredible. I can’t say I had a productive day after that, but I will say that I may have taken an hour nap on the couch after breakfast 🙂 Don’t you love sundays? I did go work out though and maybe that makes up for things, a little? I actually ended my work-out with a run outside which I never do and it was nice. It’s starting to cool down so it wasn’t hot or humid. To me, running is such a mind game. When I’m outside it seems more difficult to me because I can see how far I have to go. In the gym, I can workout at a top heart rate for 2-3 hours, but not outside. It’s strange.

We went on a Vineyard tour with Jono’s office  saturday. The head office had given them a budget for a summer party of some kinda, so that’s how we spent it. The head office does a big family picnic (like CEA) but since the DC office is 8 employees all under 30 with no kids, we didn’t want to do a picnic. It wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I had fun. The tour was run by a company that has this old school bus that they took out all of the seats and just put in bench seats around the edges. They played loud music and all maybe 50 people on the tour drank mimosas they brought with them on the hour or so ride out to the vineyards. We visited 2 different vineyards where we got to taste maybe 5-7 wines at each place and then have 2 hours at each place to hang out and enjoy. The first place was beautiful and we enjoyed the grounds. When we go to the second place it began to down pour rain, so we stayed in, but still had fun. I tasted a few of the wines and did like some, but still wasn’t in love with anything. It got a little rowdy on the way back…all that wine started kickin in and the music got louder and there was a lot of dancing. We definitely had some fun.

See all of the pictures here.

Veramar Vineyard

the girls

Jono’s office

in comes the storm…

in the vineyards

Beautiful storm clouds 

enjoying watching the rain

rowdy bus ride home

Jono will not dance



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