Where did fall go?

No, seriously, where did fall go? October FLEW by with 2 weeks in California. My biggest work event of the year took place Oct. 14-17 in San Francisco, so Jono flew out after and we stayed for 10 days of vacation. So the first part of the month went fast because I was super busy at work getting ready for the conference. Then the last part of the month was vacation and suddenly — NOVEMBER! What. And with the intensity of the election, it’s almost Thanksgiving before I know it. Whew.

Thankfully everything went well with the work event, as expected. I hadn’t been to San Francisco since on a family vacation in high school. I can’t say it was my favorite city I’ve ever been to, but I have to admit I was feeling a lot of pressure to find the best restaurants and have THE BEST time.  Before the trip everyone I talked to about visiting the area almost exploded with excitement and recommendations. As for food, I just kept hearing that SF has so much amazing food, but really had no idea where to start. We ended up just eating where ever we were when we were hungry because I kept hesitating on what would be worth it. Dear me. We never had a bad meal though. One place I would recommend is the Nob Hill Cafe. I went there because I found it on yelp and it was a small, neighborhood, way off the beaten path Italian kitchen. I had the best carbonara ever and was even a little sick afterwards since my body wasn’t used to such rich food.

We stayed with my dad’s dad, Dida, and his wife, Suzanne in Berkeley and that worked out very well. We did the typical things, Alcatraz, lots of walking, and even rented bikes one day and biked across the golden gate bridge to have lunch in Sausalito. I’m not sure if we just didn’t plan well because we wanted to just be relaxed so that’s what made me feel like we missed out on finding the ‘best coffee house’ which apparently there is a war for in the city. We were lucky to be able to visit my cousin Megan and her family in San Jose, getting to meet her new baby, Isla.

Biking across the Golden Gate

The view from Alcatraz

Here are our photos from the first part of the trip.

All of the vineyard recommendations were amazing in Napa, so that worked out great. I think I enjoyed those days the most, in Napa. We stayed in Calistoga at this wonderful  B&B where the owner made the most delicious breakfasts. I ate way too much every day, but it was delicious. She has even printed her own cook book that I got and can’t wait to try! We visited about 6 wineries in 2 days and had some amazing food. We really loved touring Castillo di Amorosa because it’s built to be a replica of an Italian castle, so it was much more than a winery.

Castillo di Amorosa Winery in Napa

Grapes on the vine

I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and even did enjoy tasting the wines which I was surprised at. There weren’t many I liked, but I did find a bottle I liked enough to buy and bring home with us! Wow! My first one. Jono was so shocked he had to get a picture.

My first bottle of wine, all for me!

On the last day, we stopped at Muir Woods and got to see some redwoods. We then decided to drive Route 1 along the coast back into the city and man do I wish we hadn’t. We knew it would be windy, but we were almost sick by the end of it. I’m not sure how worth it it was. The coast was gorgeous, but I had the worst headache and we were both in bad moods from it.

In the Redwood forest, Muir Woods

Overall we had a great trip. The weather was gorgeous and the food was delicious. Thankfully, I only gained 2 lbs and it’s back off. Whew!

Here are the rest of the photos from Napa and Sonoma.


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  1. I think you handled restaurants just the right way — when we’re on vacation, we’ll only do a fancy dinner (as in, pre-planned with reservations and a specific intent to find an especially good restaurant) once or twice in an entire trip. The rest of the time, it’s just eat when you get hungry, check yelp in the neighborhood and hope you get lucky. That way, you keep the flexibility to find new things and experience the world (And hopefully avoid paying a ton for a meal that’s not worth it.)

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