A tiny addiction in 2013

I couldn’t let January slip by with out a post. Obviously much has happened since my last post in November! Here’s the quick run-down:


  • Jono and I spent the weekend in Florida with my parents visiting my dad’s parents. 




  • I was involved in an incident in the hotel elevator that caused me to need 6 stitches in my head.
  • I have concluded that Thanksgiving is henceforth canceled. We seem to get injured each year. In 2011 Jono got hit by a car on his bike. Not ok.


  • Spent at home in Arlington, just Jono and I at my parents. Quiet and uneventful, which was nice and calming before the big CES storm!





December 30, 2012

  • Our good friends from bocce, John and Olivia, got married! It was so great to be part of their big celebration. Especially being able to enjoy it right here in DC! 
  • Olivia asked me to help take pictures, because she knows I love it so much and it was really fun. Definitely a little daunting to be a guest and take pictures. I am really excited to put together a printed album for them though as our wedding gift to them.



Olivia the bride!

2013 International CES

  • No words to describe how large and in charge this event is.
  • I got to see Maroon 5 play live at one of the keynotes.

Adam Levine - Maroon5

  • I spent most of the show conducting and organizing video interviews of members and attendees so we could use them through out the rest of the year to promote the show and just CEA membership in general. This is the first one we’ve made so far with the clips we took:
  • My two big ‘gets’ were getting to interview Jonathan Scott, from HGTV’s the Property Brothers, that was awesome. Here are Hannah (our intern) and I meeting him as he just casually walked up to our booth! EEEEK.

property brother Jonathan Scott

  • Then was a little home-town celeb meeting that I got through twitter – Olly Mann from AnswerMeThisPodcast.com. This is a comedy podcast that Jono and I listen to every week. I just happened to see him tweet about CES so I tweeted him back and we arranged to meet! It was weird feeling like you know someone you’ve never met, but I guess that’s becoming more and more the case with online lives we lead. I was pretty geeked out. Check the face.

Me and The Olly Mann!

  • Here I am with my awesome bosses at the final toast, glad another show is over! Tired and ready to go home.


On another note, Rose-Ellen and her girls (Natalie 5, Becca 3 and Katelyn 1) are on the east coast for a few weeks – thank god! I took friday off to have a girls day and it was honestly the best day ever. First they all came over to our place to pain our nails, eat and just hang out. You know, make forts out of couch cushions and the usual. Then we all went to Lost dog for lunch. After that RE and I took the girls back to grandma’s and spent the day at tysons just shopping, being silly and saw the movie Warm Bodies. It was hilarious. We ended the day with a late-night drive around arlington. We felt like such teenagers, driving past old hang-outs, old friends houses, and just seeing how much has changed, especially our high school. I miss having such an amazing best friend so close.

IMG_2002 IMG_1999

Ok, I know you’re wondering what my little addiction might be..but I’m sad to say, it’s NAIL POLISH. Seriously, I’m going to go a head and blame this one on pinterest, once again. At first I was just pinning polish colors I liked. Then it turned into semi-simple designs that looked cool.

Here is my pinterest nail board:


So this got my slightly addicted. Stupid pinterest. I swear. Before I knew it I had bought nail polishes from companies I never knew about and the CVS selection was no longer good enough! Butter London, Cult Nails, OPI and Essie are my new best friends. I also apparently really like blues, glitters and not really so much pinks and reds. But, I guess that’s always been my style. Not pink/red classic girly, but  littler darker and edgier. So I have A LOT of dark colors. Purples, dark reds, black and more. I put them on the style blog too. Here are a few of my own experiments:

IMG_1974 IMG_1982



Not bad? It’s not a bad hobby, but I hesitate to call it a hobby. I am getting really good at doing my own nails. So I don’t go pay to get them done anymore, which is good, but I also have paid for 122 nail polishes…and had to just buy to wall-mounted racks for $60. I’m kind of excited to have them on racks so I can see them. There’s something really attractive and interesting to look at an array o colors. I think that’s how make-up stores like Sephora get you. You see EVERY eye shadow color in a perfect rainbow and you’re like “oh, yeah, I could totally pull off blue!” when you really can’t and never should try.


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  1. <<> hilarious, isn’t this how the ALL get us. Great post

  2. haha! you and your crazy nails. love it. something about this post made me think “I have a whole bunch of kids- too many?- they’re everywhere.”

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