England, running and birthdays – OH MY!

Busy. Busy. Busy. That’s what we’ve been. I can’t even think of where to start! Work in April for me was super busy because we have our two major DC events in the middle of every April – Digital Patriots Dinner and CES on the Hill. I’m responsible for the marketing of the Digital Patriots Dinner and my boss is responsible for CES on the Hill, so we’re both really swamped for March and April.

Baseball season is now in full swing so Jonathan is happy and depressed at the same time. We’ve been to quite a few games already and even took off from work to go to the opening day game. We did this last year and I think it’s starting to be a tradition.


We also got to travel to England this month for 10 days, which was wonderful. The first part of the trip was spent celebrating the Gooch wedding! Jonathan’s best man from our wedding, James Gooch, married his wonderful girlfriend Carly on May 4. Jono was an usher and it was so great to have a reason to have all of the friends in one place and get to celebrate such a wonderful couple. The weather was gorgeous the day before and the day after – but the day of it really rained and was cold. We helped them set-up and decorate the reception area the day before and really had a blast. The day of I got up early to run and it was so sunny and beautiful – but by the time of the wedding it was cloudy and cold. It was just a wonderful weekend all around with friends which made us really miss living there.




Getting to see and hang out with old friends is so priceless.


The gorgeous bride and grooom! We couldn’t have been happier to be there to celebrate this important day with them


Just general debauchery 🙂


Carly changing her facebook status to married at breakfast the next morning. So important!


The morning after….


So much love for all the Gooch’s!


Playing cards with Dad at the kitchen table. classic.


A day in London with Heather!





Taking the gondola across the Thames with Mom and Dad.


Getting to visit Pop.


Pop’s picturesque english home.


We even got to go visit Victoria and her adorably silly twins! George and Zoey.



Our last night down at the village pub with the family. so typical.

The rest of the trip we got to spend with wonderful family. We had a lot of quality time with Jono’s parents and Heather but then also got to visit grandparents. The weather was sunny and nice the whole time, we were really lucky. We did some London exploring, running in the country side, went to see stock car racing and lots of eating! It’s interesting how food and snacks that are really mundane to natives can be such a treat to others. I really LOVE dark chocolate Digestive cookies. They are pretty run-of-the-mill to people who live in England. I ate a TON while we were there. I was surprised to only have gained 4lbs on the trip! I did a few long runs – which still

surprised me. That I can run. I did 13.7 mi the last date we were there. Yikes!

The trip definitely reinforced for us a few things:

1. We can’t go another 18 months before our next trip. We’re going to really try and go back for Christmas. We haven’t spent Christmas at home since 2008. That’s a long time.

2. We want to live in England. We’ve always wanted to and always known it will happen. I think this trip just reinforced a little more that feeling. Obviously it’s a lot to work out, think about and plan.

This past weekend we had a lot of fun with friends and family celebrating my 28th birthday and running the Color Run! Friday was my birthday and we spent the evening with my parents at our favorite Asian restaurant and ended the evening with lovely Georgetown Cupcakes! The birthday celebrations continued saturday night with dinner out with friends at El Centro, a Mexican restaurant that I’ve heard way too much about and then out to a rooftop bar afterwards. We had a lot of fun and I feel very lucky to have so many good friends and family who celebrate me.



Birthday Dinner and cupcakes with the parents.


Out in DC with friends for my birthday. I’m a lucky girl.



Another task Jono and I have taken on seems to have been running? We’re still not really sure how we feel about running, but we seem to be doing it a bit. I’ve done a few long runs – 10, 12, 13 miles at a time – with I guess just the muscle and stamina I’ve built up from spin and weight-lifting  classes. Neither of us have proper running shoes, so we went and got fitted at a real running store and the shoes should come in the mail today. We’ve both been wearing shoes that are way too small and suffering because of it. I also didn’t realize that you should get new running shoes every 8 months at the latest. That seems so crazy, I’ve had my current sneakers for about a year and they are still in good condition, I mean used obviously  but I wouldn’t feel ok about throwing them out. At the same time, they aren’t running shoes and my feet really hurt from the last run I did in them. ugh, why does being healthy have to be so much work and cost so much!? 🙂


This me and girls from my office doing the Crystal City friday 5k runs.


Before the color run…we were clean.


After. Not so much with the clean.

It’s been a fun few months.


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