End of summer

Get ready for a picture dump. It’s just such a great way to tell stories.

At the end of July I went on a business trip to Orange County, CA. We got to stay at the St. Regis in Monarch Beach and it was incredible. Do you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County? Tamra got married at that hotel. You can see it on the show that’s airing now about her wedding. It just incredible. The weather in DC at the time was miserable, and in OC it was amazing. We were so very lucky. We got to go to the beach every day too.
This is the division dinner we hosted, outside, of course:


One very miserably hot bike ride in July. Jono wanted to explore the new wilson bridge trail. The trail itself is quite well-done and its nice. But damn, it was hot.


The first weekend in August we took a weekend in NYC! We’ve never really liked NYC. It’s hot, busy, dirty, crowded. Make us anxious usually. For some reason, this weekend was good. We went up thursday night by bus and cam back sunday. The real reason for the trip was so I could go to Arti’s bridal shower on saturday in NJ. So I took a bus to her place saturday afternoon for the party. I loved being able to go up and celebrate with her 🙂


The rest of the trip was spent walking. We did a lot of walking. I mean A LOT. It was nice. We walked the brooklyn bridge, ate some really great food and even got to see the Warby Parker office. Such a fun company. The weather was amazing and we ate a lot of good food. Obviously we stopped at Bubby’s Pie Company, my new favorite breakfast place.




The second weekend trip we took was to Richmond. I wanted to see Jimmy Eat World when they came to DC, but it sold out so fast, that we decided to go see the night before in Richmond. Unfortunately the traffic was AWEFUL. it should have taken us 2 hrs and instead it took almost 4. By the time we got there it was almost concert time! Luckily there was still time to stop at a new cidery, Blue Bee. it was delicious, we brought home two bottles.

The concert was so much fun though. I felt like a high school kid again. I even bought a tour shirt. Ha. despite the traffic, we had fun. I’m not a huge fan of RIchmond, but maybe I just haven’t seen the right parts?



Of course we’ve still made time for brunch on the weekends 🙂



And time for friends. Sadly we’ve had to say See you Later to another bocce team mate. Andrew is following his dreams to go work in Africa and we had to send him off properly. Good luck to you friend, you’ll do great!


Our friend Samantha is following in our footsteps a little – she’s dating someone who lives in Ireland. He came to DC to visit, so we had to take him to a baseball game. Terrible game, they lost, but we still had fun.


And of course, we had to ring in Labor Day with a lobster feast at the parents with Tahir and Sheyanna. Too much good food.


The perfect close to the summer was playing in the sweet 16 of the bocce tournament – AND WINNING! That’s right kids, we’re in the final 4 for the first time ever in outdoor bocce team history. We’re pretty excited to play next weekend in the finals.


What a summer we’ve had. No real big trips, but lots of little ones, good food and family and friends. We’ve enjoyed some great TV too, as true americans. We’re all caught up on Breaking Bad. What an excellent show. I can’t wait for Walking Dead to start back again in October. In the mean time, we’re re-starting the West Wing, always quality TV. It’s sad how much it makes us wish government really was run like that. Of course Sorkin was pretty high on coke when writing the show, so what does that say? On the other hand, when this show was on TV most Americans thought Jed Bartlett was the REAL President. Geeze.

We have some great things to look forward to. Mostly October, my favorite month.

  • Arti and nirav’s wedding, Oct 5
  • Our 3rd wedding anniversary
  • Industry Forum, in LA. It’s my big work event and Ive been busy busy at work getting it ready, so I’ll be glad to see it all come together, and be over!
  • Going to see Rose-Ellen!!!! Since I’ll be on the left coast anyway, I’ll fly from LA to see them so it’ll be so much cheaper than flying from DC. Im super excited 🙂
  • We just bought our flights home for Christmas! We’re going back to England for almost 2 weeks in December. I’ve only spent one Christmas in England, 2008, and Jono hasn’t been home for Christmas since 2009. Too long.
  • The next big thing after that is…..ITALY!!! We’re planning an Italian road trip with the Goochs! I am so excited to 1 – see Italy and 2 – go on vacation with such awesome friends! It feels so adult…

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