A cup of tea luv?

We’ve gone and moved our lives to England – what were we thinking?!

I can’t believe how smooth it has been so far. We arrived thursday morning and already today the cats have had their first day of being outdoor cats and came in before evening and are safe and sound asleep in the bedroom. I’m happy.

We put them on leashes in the backyard for the first few times, but now they know to come back. It’s great.


Let’s track back a bit:

The last 2 weeks before we left were really a blur. Lots of one last time eating at some favorite restaurants and hardly any exercise. Jono did an amazing job managing all of our packing, the movers and selling things on craigslist. We managed to sell all the furniture we wanted to and even sold the car for a good price. We stayed at my parents for the last week or so, after we sold our bed. It all went very quickly.

We went to a few more baseball games.



The day we left we had a small drama at the airport but it all worked out. We had to be at the cargo area 4 hours before the flight to load the cats. The rule is that while standing up, the cat has to have 2 in between their head and the top of the cage. The guy at cargo decided that Madison did not have enough space and would need a larger cage. So mom and I ran off to the nearest petco 20 min away to buy a whole new cage. $80 for the new cage and an extra $200 on the cat’s tickets we were ready to go. They were really nice at cargo and got us upgraded to the extra leg room seats for the flight since we were so stressed about going to get the new cage.

When we were just getting in the plane the stewardess came to our seats and asked if we had animals with us and just wanted to let us know that they had made it safely on the plane. I started crying immediately because she startled me. I wasn’t expecting an update and when she asked if we had animals i was sure she was going to say they hadn’t made it, or there was something wrong with the cage. goodness. I learned my first new word of the trip: moggie. It seems to mean cat lover. The stewardess was so sweet and when she saw me tear up she said “oh don’t worry, I’m a bit of a moggie myself”. And so it begins.

Everything else in arriving was super smooth. Immigration barely looked at me, the cats arrived early through the pet reception center. I was even able to see them unload the cages from the plane from our seats on the tarmac.

We’ve been able to set up our iPhones to have UK numbers and data plans. Yesterday I was able to set up a bank account. I’m almost human again. We put our clothes away in the wardrobe in the bedroom we’re using and suitcases put away. It’s feeling less like a vacation now, but in a good, settled way. I’m not sure when it will feel like it’s ‘real’.

The weather has been amazing and we’ve been able to go for a few runs.



Other than that, we’ve seen lots of other family, had countless cups of tea and been to a few pubs.
What more could we ask?

At the end of every post, I’ll try and list the new words and phrases I’ve learned. I need a clever name for this, so if you have any ideas, let me know! I’ve thought of the following:
The Queen says
In England we (say, do, don’t..)

– cilantro is called coriander. I didn’t know this but the plant that produces coriander seeds, the spice, is the cilantro leaves.
– As about as helpful as a chocolate fire guard = means not helpful, since it would melt.
– Moggie – a cat, typically one that is does not have a pedigree or is otherwise unremarkable. I thought it was a cat lady, but I’m wrong.
– flapjack – not pancakes, but seems to be some kind of homemade granola bar?


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  1. Haha you are going to have to learn that the backyard is actually a garden! XX

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