In England we talk about the weather

We talk about the weather. A lot. I guess being on an island the weather does change frequently, but still it amazes me how much it is a topic of conversation. In the end, no one believes any weather reports and continues on. It might only just mist and no rain ever lasts very long, there aren’t thunderstorms, and no torrential down pours. Personally, I think it’s been amazingly gorgeous since we’ve been here. Maybe one misty rain, but otherwise sunny, and in the 60’s and 70’s during the day, down to 40’s at night. I don’t miss the humidity and hot nights of DC.

For instance, today has been gorgeously cool and sort of cloudy and I swear it was going to rain this afternoon and it even looks threatening now. But it won’t rain. I bet you anything.


What I am coming to realize is that since everything is new to me, I can’t tell if something I don’t understand from someone is an English word or saying, or something that person made up! Seems to be a lot of creative license with language around here and it’s making me crazy 🙂

Also – I realize now, thank you everyone, that a Moggie is a cat, not a cat lady.

Tickety Boo

This is a frame of mind. Things are all good, as they should be, etc.

However, when I first heard it, my MIL was looking at a map and saw a good place where one might cross from one side of an inlet of water to the other and said “yes, and here is tikkity boo”.  I guess that’s similar?


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