All is tickety-boo

I’m sorry, What? Tickety-boo? We’re clearly starting with my current favorite English phrase today. Jono’s mom, Hilary, said it weeks ago and originally I really thought it was just something she had made up (she can be goofy like that, when she doesn’t know the word she’s looking for), but she wasn’t! You can find it in the Oxford English Dictionary to mean, all right or fine.

So everything is all right! Jono has just started his second week at work for the Corporate Executive Board in London. I think it seems like a really good fit for him, so fingers crossed! It’s funny that their HQ is in Rosslyn in Arlington. We would drive by there at least once a week if not more when we lived there.

I start my job with Informa on Monday! I will be a Senior Marketing Manager for their life sciences division. It looks like a good fit so let’s hope it is.

My office will be about a mile from Jono’s in London, so we will do some commuting together. We will need to take a regional train from here in the south to the center of London which will take about 30 min. Then Jono has been taking the city bike share bikes for a 10 min ride to his office. He could also walk or take the tube, but this is probably the fastest and easiest. We’ll see what that’s like in the winter. It’s not like in the US where he would wear bike clothes then change into jeans at work. He is wearing suits mostly. I’ll probably tube from the center station, its one line and only 5 stops or so. should be 45-an hour door to door.

Over this past weekend we bought a car! It was an interesting process, but we dealt with it quickly and honestly like we usually do. We knew we wanted used, hatchback, but a little bigger than the golf. We wanted to spend under 10K. other variables that we wanted were the most fuel efficient we could find, so either Honda insight, since its a hybrid, or something manual and diesel. After looking many places we have ended up with a Vauxhall Astra CDTI 2.0 diesel automatic. It is a 2011 with only 12k miles on it! it was previously owned by someone who was disabled so it was part of a program that fits cars with equipment that helps disabled people use them. They go through rigorous check and have high standards in buying them back to resell them, so we know this was well taken care of. We also got lucky that it has all these sweet features we would never pay for, since they don’t hold their value such as leather seats, bluetooth, heated seats, etc. here are some pictures from online. We pick it up friday since its getting fully checked over etc. It’s similar in size and shape to the mazda 3 – which was a close contender.

09VauAst5drBlaFR1_800 AETV26504383_5b

Other than getting things like that in order we’ve been having some fun too 🙂 We went to Paris for 4 days before Jono started his job, to celebrate. That was fun and it was so cool to be able to plan on a friday, go sunday morning and just hop on a train! We didn’t realize the tour de france would be ending that sunday evening at the arc de triomphe which was a block from our hotel.


Otherwise, we were just general tourists.

IMG_5417 IMG_5519 IMG_5547 IMG_5583

We’ve also been having great opportunities to spend time with family. Which is why we moved here. Whether it’s house sitting, taking grandparents to doctor appointments or making jam together, it’s been invaluable time. We are so grateful.

IMG_5591 IMG_5616


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